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Lighting scented candles can be your go-to relaxing ritual, as burning them brings light, joy, calmness, and peace to your space. An act of self-care that can be practised mindfully is lighting scented candles. There are a lot of different candle scents available in the market. You have to consider your preferences while choosing a scented candle. If you are looking for a fresh, citrus aroma for your room, choose a lemon, grapefruit, or apple aroma candle. If you want an exotic scent for your room, patchouli, sandalwood, or rosewood-scented candles are a great choice. 

These days there are numerous brands that offer Luxury-scented candles, candles that can instantly add a touch of luxury to any room and transform the space. But choosing the correct scent for your space can prove to be a confounding task. But a few easy tips can make the process more enjoyable. 

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of scented candles or a seasoned enthusiast; keep reading to choose scented candles that are perfect for you.

5 Expert tips for choosing scented candles:

Follow these scented candle tips to choose the best one for your needs and ambiance:

1. Consider the Space Where You’ll Be Using The Candle:

Considering the space where you plan to use the scented candle is crucial. Like in a large family room, strong scented candles might smell quite nice. But the same scent might be quite overpowering in a small room. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to place a mild floral scent in the kitchen, as it might mix with the aroma of the food to create an unpleasant smell. But the same mild floral scent can be very pleasant & relaxing if placed in a bedroom. Placing your scented candle in a room with a lot of candle traffic or in a well-ventilated room will also help the scent to disperse evenly throughout the room.  Avoid placing the candles near windows or air vent to avoid disturbances in flame intensity   This tip will assuredly help you to get the most out of your scented candle. You can also choose a different candle scent for every room, according to the mood and lighting of the room. Such beautiful scented candles also make good home decor pieces and add to the beauty of the space where they are placed.

2. Determine The Purpose Of Using The Candle In That Space:

Scented candles serve a multitude of purposes beyond simply adding a pleasant aroma to a space. They can be used for relaxation, ambiance, aromatherapy, meditation, and much more. Here are a few of the many ways in which scented candles can enhance your daily life.

      • To create an aura: You can use candle scents for ambiance in the room. They create that cosy warmth and make the room more welcoming. Scented candles may transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat. Besides, they make the space look better and improve the ambiance.

      • Make your place smell good: Aromatic scented candles instil a pleasant aroma in your surroundings. You can choose from different types of candle scents according to your mood. If you’re trying to elevate productivity in the office space, a citrusy scent can be an excellent choice. In contrast, an exotic scent like sandalwood can help to relieve stress during a bath. You can also use strong scented candles to neutralise the odour of the room.

      • Relaxation: Best-smelling candles help to relax your mind and body and relieve anxiety and stress after a long day at work. Beautiful aromatic scented candles, such as chamomile aroma candles, release positive hormones and also boost your mood.

      • Health benefits: Besides using candle scents for ambiance, there are a lot of health benefits of aromatic scented candles also. The major cause of most health problems these days is stress, and scented candles help to relieve all the anxiety and stress. Beautiful scented candles uplift the mood, enhance memory, improve focus, reduce irritability, improve sleep quality, and make you more mindful.

      • Improves sleep: Finding it hard to sleep or waking up several times at night might make you feel restless throughout the day. Different types of candle scents, such as jasmine aroma scent can help you to achieve a peaceful and sound sleep at night. It can, in turn, also help you to feel energised and productive throughout the day. The light of the home fragrance candles also protects the eyes from the blue light of the devices, soothes and relaxes your nerves and soul, and makes you sleep faster.

    There are a lot more benefits of best-smelling candles. With our guide: 10 Incredible Benefits of Scented Candles, you can discover more reasons to choose scented candles for your home and for gifting also.

    3. Take Into Consideration your Personal Scent Preferences:

    Everyone has their own personal choice in aromas, which is why it is  important to choose a fragrance that you adore. We have mentioned some of the popular fragrance tones below:

    Fresh: Fresh and fruity scents, such as mango aroma scented candles, brighten and energise the environment of the room. Hopeful and optimistic scents by tara candles can also brighten up the room, uplift the mood, and bring positive energy to the room.

    Sweet: Sweet scents are those which make you feel the sweetness in your nose buds, such as french vanilla scents, cinnamon scents, etc. Sweet scents are basically the ones that you eat.

    Floral: Floral scents are made from floral fragrance bases such as rose, saffron, daisy, jasmine, etc. Floral scents are most commonly bought as home fragrance candle gifts.

    Woody: These luxury home fragrance candles smell like earthy notes such as cedar, sandalwood, pine, or patchouli scents. Woody-scented candles often give a bright, warm, and cosy feeling to the room and introduce a sense of comfort.

    4. Consider The Candle Burn Time:

    The shape and size of the candle, the wax, and the position of the wick determine the burn time of the scented candle. If the wick of the candle is long, it will make the candle burn quicker because its flame will be bigger. That is why the wick of the candle should be short to maximise its life. 

    Also, if the wick of the candle is not in the centre, it will make the candle burn unevenly. This can leave thick black soot on the glass and can also cause the glass to break. So, keep these two points in mind to maximise the life of your candle and get value for money by enjoying the soothing fragrance for a long time. 

    5. Purchase Quality Candles For Optimal Experience:

    Quality matters for scented candle selection. If you can barely smell the candle at the store, it’s probable that it won’t provide much aroma after burning also. So, it is better to choose quality candles over bargain candles. But it does not mean that you have to spend a lot just for a candle. It simply means that you should choose from a reputed candle company, like Tara Candles, which is trusted by many. Their candles are perfect for home and for gifting also, as they use a cotton wick, and their candles are made from 100% blended organic wax, and give non-toxic burning along with having numerous health benefits.

    Takeaway: Discover the perfect aroma for you with Tara Candles:

    Choosing the perfect candle can create a delightful and relaxing ambiance in the room, enhance your mood, and fill the room with a beautiful fragrance. Choosing the perfect fragrance from a candle scent list is an individual preference, just like choosing a perfume. We have listed the top five fragrance candle tips to help you choose the perfect one. 

    Tara Candles, a candle manufacturer in Mumbai offers a range of scented candles. From peaceful & meditative, calming & relaxation scents to festive, hopeful & optimistic scents, Tara Candles has something for every mood and occasion, suited especially for Indian nose buds.

    With these tips, elevate the ambiance of your home and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with various types of candle fragrances by Tara Candles.

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