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Our world is filled with History! The history of cultures and heritage. Every year on April 18th, the world celebrates World Heritage Day! This day highlights the incredible cultural and natural treasures passed down to us by past generations. These remarkable sites, from breathtaking monuments to awe-inspiring landscapes, tell stories of human history and inspire us all.

This World Heritage Day, themed- Discover and Experience Diversity, let’s discover and celebrate the rich Indian heritage. By celebrating, let’s raise awareness about the importance of conservation and encourage actions to safeguard our cultural and natural icons for future generations. Let’s experience our ancestors’ presence in our hearts and souls by feeling the fragrance. With Tara candles create a serene and calm ambience using scented candles to show love and respect towards our ancestors.

Feel The Presence Of Our Rich Indian Heritage Cultures With Scented Candles

1. Saffron Scented Candle

Kesari Peda Single Wick Clear Glass Jar - Cork Lid

Saffron is an excellent fragrance ingredient that spreads an aesthetic and captivating fragrance to our surroundings. The aroma of saffron can drag you into our Indian history where it was prominently used to perfume baths, houses, and temples. Light up Tara Candle’s Kesari Peda saffron-scented candle and feel the historical ambience of our Indian heritage in a profound sense of calmness.

2. Jasmine Scented Candle

Jasmine Wick Three Clear Glass Jar

The exotic and floral scent of jasmine symbolises love and adds a glimpse of romance into the individual’s life. Our ancestors used jasmine as a medium to show their love and affection to their loved ones. Light up or gift Tara Candle’s Jasmine votive to show your love and affection to your loved ones and push forward our rich and aesthetic heritage given to us by our ancestors.  With Tara Candles, a scented candle Distributor in Mumbai, gift this beautifully scented candle to your loved ones to show your gratitude.

3. Rose Scented Candle

Gwalior Ka Gulab

The rose, with its mystical essence, held great importance for our Indian ancestors who used it as a means to express love and sensuality to their partners. As we commemorate World Heritage Day, why not fill your space with the alluring fragrance of Tara Candle’s Gwalior Ka Gulab rose-scented candle? Immerse yourself in the act of displaying love and sensuality towards your significant other, embracing the loving and nurturing qualities passed down by our forefathers.

4. Sandalwood Scented Candle

Sandalwood Single Wick

Sandalwood holds enormous significance in Indian history. Our ancestors used sandalwood to create a pleasant ambience in their palaces, temples, and religious ceremonies. We can also create a pleasant ambience in our homes with glowing Sandalwood candles. The softwood and rich earthy fragrance create a tropical, exotic, and sensual yet comforting fragrance that relaxes our ambience and gives us a fragranced representation of our rich Indian heritage.

5. Champa Scented Candle

Champa, with its unique blend of radiant softness and spicy sweetness, is a fragrant paradise renowned for its captivating floral aroma. Since time immemorial, this exotic scent has been used to add a touch of luxury to personal grooming routines. This World Heritage Day, pay homage to the past by introducing the deluxe scent of a Banglori Champa Scented Candle into your home. Illuminate this candle and bask in the richness of a bygone era, experiencing the same sense of luxury that our ancestors once enjoyed.


This April 18th, light a scented candle and let its captivating fragrance transport you through time. Celebrate the rich tapestry of Indian heritage while honoring the legacies of our ancestors. Contact Tara Candles, a premium candle manufacturer in Mumbai, and bring heritage, history, and happiness to your home.

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