Arunachal Ki Parijat Small Plain Glass Jar Container Screw Lid

Arunachal Ki Parijat
Clear Glass Jar Chrome Finish Lid
Frosted Glass Jar With Wooden Lid Dust Cover
Small Plain Glass Jar Container Screw Lid

Rajnigandha Organic Fragrance lid glass jar candle

About the fragrance


Our Rajnigandha Aromatherapy candles are known to relieve stress, anxiety, and fatigue as the gentle fragrance envelops your senses. Enhance relaxation and create a serene atmosphere in any room, turning your space into a personal oasis. These candles promote better sleep and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with the calming scents of nature.

Simply light the candle and let the warm glow and heavenly aroma fill the air. Perfect for any room in your home, from the living room to the bedroom, and even the bathroom. The Arunachal Ki Parijat candle is ideal for meditation or yoga sessions, infusing the space with serenity and peace.

Crafted with care, each Arunachal Ki Parijat Aromatherapy Candle is made from natural, high-quality ingredients. Blended with pure essential oils extracted from exquisite botanicals to ensure the most authentic and captivating scents. Free from harmful substances and toxins, these candles are safe to use in your personal space. Arunachal Ki Parijat candle comes with natural primed breaded cotton wick and a glass jar.

Lovingly hand-poured, Rajnigandha Organic Fragrance candles are generously scented with beautiful long-lasting fragrances

Weight 175 g
Dimensions 57 × 70 mm


Fragrance by Mood

Romance & Passionate

Fragrance by Room

Bed Room, Living Room

Fragrance Family


Fragrance Subfamily


Arunachal Ki Parijat

Small Plain Glass Jar Container Screw Lid


Off White

Lighting Hours

18 hours


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