Chamomile Aromatherapy Scented Jar Candle

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  • 100% Organic blended wax: Made of premium organic blended wax candle with Natural primed breaded cotton wick. Candles calm the nerves and relieve anxiety, making them the best stress-relieving candles. It can be used for insomnia, meditation, aromatherapy and removing odours. 


  • Wellness of India Collection: Essential oils formulated to satisfy your senses and relax your mind, so you can breathe easy and enjoy the many benefits of our Wellness of India Collection. Highly scented, yet beautifully subtle, this bright, delightful fragrance will transform your home to instant Zen. Allowing you to unwind, relax, and enjoy the present moment.  


  •  Non-Toxic Burning: This candle burns with a rich, non-toxic fragrance. It is a totally natural odour freshener. Charge up your days with this high voltage fruity essence. The lead-free cotton wick will not produce annoying black smoke when you light the candles, harmless to the human body and environment.  


  • Candle Size & Burning Time: Medium Jar contains 115 grams of candle and releases aroma up to 22 Hours of burning time. The longer burning time allows a long-lasting purification of your space. You can use it during daily meditation, SPA, Yoga. 


  • Perfect Gift:  Show your love filled with wellness of India collection to your loved ones on any special occasion or on festive season or just be a treat for yourself.